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Philippa Gillström
Community Builder & Strategist
Advising business owners how to build successful memberships to earn recurring revenue and drive business growth.
Natalie King
I just want to say that I had a fantastic time with Philippa. She really got me thinking about groups and building community. I have a small community and I had a vague idea of what I wanted from it but working with Philippa, we really dug into the purpose of my community. This helped me to get clarity in my head as well as how I'm going to market the group. Philippa also gave me really great ideas for growing and developing the group, the price plan and my re-launch, taking my community to the next level. Without working with Philippa I wouldn't have had that understanding of what my community is really about and what I want my members to get from the community and this is the biggest transformation that that happened for me. I now know what to do going forward. I'm now looking forward to the next step within building and growing my community. So thank you for everything.

-Natalie King

Rich Waller
"Philippa gave me a kick up the ass for trying to think inside the box and colour within the lines. I'm now working with the freedom to create as I want. I'm colouring big, bold and creating my own lines. Shifts are happening. 

Thank you!

-Rich Waller

Jason Glassner
Philippa is a powerhouse of a leader. She is an expert in her field of coaching, mentoring, teaching and strategy development and has been able to help me grow tremendously in my career and personally. She's helped me move past my own insecurities, and I am now working at a new level. I would recommend Philippa to anyone who wants to succeed in their career.

-Jason Glassner

Cathleen Peterson-Layne
Thirty minutes with Philippa has changed my life!! I can say with confidence that our conversation is one of the most meaningful, powerful and actionable I have had. I am grateful for her willingness to coach me in such a powerful way that I have shifted from focusing on what my mind tells me I ‘need’ to what my whole-self truly wants. Yes, I am seeking and making active progress toward what I WANT, no matter if others approve or even understand. My future learning will be for a purpose that I can clearly state, or it is a no-go. The changes are happening rapidly. Thank you!!!

-Cathleen Peterson-Layne

“Philippa is really powerful coach and I love her curiosity. Because of her coaching I’ve been able to have the conversations that needed to be had with the people in my life and gain their support as I move forward into my new business. It was brilliant.”

— John, Business Consultant, Ireland

“Philippa wasn’t there to give me the answers. Instead, she got me thinking by asking the right questions. This led to insights and an understanding that I create my own world. Philippa is Passion. She shares both her experiences and positive energy.

— Anders, Head of Business Control, Sweden


Learn the proven strategies and step-by-step processes to launch and grow your own community.


Advising business owners how to build successful memberships to earn recurring revenue and drive business growth.


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