Turn Your Dreams into Reality 

Create an actionable and detailed mission statement to build the business & life you desire.

The Vision workbook

Go from a blank page to an inspiring and detailed, 3-year mission statement you can use to:

  • Convert into actionable steps and several business tools to help you stay on track.
  • Communicate your ideas and progress with team members, stakeholders, prospects etc.

Join this Workshop for only $29 and:

  • Learn the proven-to-work, 10-step process.
  • Get the workbook with a checklist, instructions and template to help you.

Find out how on Thursday 18th January 2024. 12.00-2.00 pm ET, 5.00-7.00pm GMT, 18:00-20.00 CET.

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People love the Workshop

''Thank you Philippa for packing so much value in such a short span of time. Your Masterclass on Vision creation has had a profoundly positive impact on the manner in which I am approaching this subject for my business!''
"I am very grateful to Philippa for teaching me how to create my Vision. I set aside a day to do it and enjoyed the process immensely. It was very satisfying to see the vision coming together. I then shared it with my team and we are now working with a much stronger sense of direction and purpose."
"Philippa is an outstanding communicator. Her approach to Visioning is both inspirational and highly pragmatic. Based around her own experience of creating a life and business she loves, she shares a step by step practical process, full of insightful questions and coaching prompts, which stimulate both creativity and contemplation. Whether working on your personal life, your business, or both together, this Masterclass will move you forward in the most positive way. Highly recommended!"
"I often talk with friends about how we want to get more out of our lives and how we want change, but it seems too difficult. I've tried so many motivational and organizational tools, but nothing seemed to really make a difference. This class became a unique opportunity for me to actually sit down and look inward and finally create something that will jump-start that change. I loved the support we had throughout the process and the positive vibes of the whole program. I noticed that I'm much more open to dreaming bigger and actually believing it is possible to achieve those dreams. I'm also much more excited for the journey now that I have defined my values, purpose and goals. I'm looking forward to creating a life that is aligned with all that."

Get up each morning with the clarity, focus and motivation to move forward swiftly and decisively, because your vision is showing the way.

Use this Workshop and accompanying exercise book to create your vision and take control.

Your vision will be your compass and roadmap, providing you with a clear destination, helping you to move forward quickly and confidently.

And why leave your personal life and relationships to chance?
Create visions for these too!
Find out how on Thursday 18th January 2024. 12.00-2.00 pm ET, 5.00-7.00pm GMT, 18:00-20.00 CET.
Hi, I'm Philippa Gillström, Wiseacious Woman & Queen of Change.

I have been struggling with creating a vision for my life and business for years. This meant that although I was moving forward, the results were mediocre.

It was first when I created a really detailed, clear vision for myself, one I could feel in my body and which excited me to my very toes, that I suddenly had the power tool I need to propel my work forward in leaps and bounds. 

I really do get up each morning and I'm so clear on where I'm going. My vision document is my North Star in both my business and professional life.
When I shared this experience with my clients, they asked me how they could to do this for themselves. So I created this Masterclass to help:
- small business owners
- anyone wanting to lead their lives with more direction and purpose

Allow me to share my process with you and get you well underway to creating your own powerful vision.
“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”
- Joel A. Baker
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