Episode #5

Episode #5 – The Co-Created approach to Community Management with Anamaria Dorgo

Anamaria Dorgo is Head of Community at Butter and Founder of the L&D Shakers. Butter is a software platform where you can plan and host virtual sessions. The L&D Shakers is a community of practice for Learning & Development professionals. She joined the Butter team in June 2021 and has built their facilitation community from the ground up. 

She works with a core community team of 6 community members to bring workshops, webinars, AMAs (Ask Me Anything Sessions), and other types of events to the community. They curate an ever-growing free library of facilitation resources and support Butter’s users in getting educated on how to make the most out of the product. 

In this podcast, Anamaria and I talk about:

  • How to stay top of mind to community members and how having a community core team was key to achieving that
  • Forming the community core team and determining the number of members of the core team in comparison to the size of the community and other factors
  • What the decision making process looked like when it comes to defining the tasks that will be expected of the community core team
  • All about AMAs and how using them within the community helps diversify conversations and provides asynchronous learning opportunities
  • Some simple, but effective ideas that make a big difference in making new members feel welcome as well as encourage members to learn more about each other
  • Why the community space was designed specifically to provide value for both users and non-users of Butter 
Philippa Gillstrom
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