Episode #11

Episode #11 – Increase Member Retention with These Three Tactics with Jen Sherman

Thriving Community Show Ep11

Jen Sherman is the Community Manager at the Advance Women’s Expert Network – the premier networking group for female consultants, coaches and done-for-you service experts. 

Originally a School Social Worker, Jen leaned into her strengths and experiences and applied her background in understanding people’s needs and her passion for being a connector to support a community of women who want to accelerate the growth of their businesses through the power of relationships. Jen has been working at the Advance Women’s Expert Network since its launch in February 2021. In her time as Community Manager, she has taken the community through several phases of growth. 

Today, Jen is going to talk about her top three approaches to making sure members want to stay because they get so much benefit out of the community.

In this podcast, Jen and I talk about:

  • How a regularly occurring orientation process is impactful for retaining members and how that process is structured and personalized
  • Finding the right balance between automation and personalization
  • What are some aspects of the orientation process that help make members feel seen and valued
  • How attending an orientation plays a part in higher member engagement later on
  • What the benefits are of a personalized direct reach out vs an automated email when getting members to upgrade their membership
  • The differences between a standard membership and a tiered membership system as well as what the transition process from one to the other looked like
  • How to deal with objections when members are leaving the community in a personalized way and offer support 
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