Episode #2

Episode #2 – Increase Member Engagement with a Champion Program with Katie Browning

Katie Browning is a Community Engagement Manager at Copado. She describes herself as an engagement enthusiast who is passionate about capturing the people’s voice and leading cultural initiatives that bring people together. She has been a part of the team at The Copado Community helping it grow by 165% from 2021-2022. In the previous year, the community grew over 400%. The big focus in 2021 was how to engage with all of these new members. And to give you an idea of the numbers, the community now has over 53000 members. 

The strategies that Katie and her team found really worked included the mentorship program, the champions program, the quarterly engagement challenges, and the certification program – the most successful being the Champions program, which there will be more word about in this podcast. 

In this podcast, Katie and I talk about:

  • How she got into the world of community building and got started at Copado
  • What the essential roles are in the Copado community team and how they are set up to ensure the community members are always learning
  • The growth that can be achieved when community is added to a business
  • How the Champions program works and what it takes to be chosen as a Copado Champion
  • What the benefits are that incentivise community members to apply for the Champions program
  • How the Champions program members are actively participating in co-creating the program they are a part of, as a result of building a trustworthy and supportive community
  • What kind of rewards and opportunities are used as motivators for community members  
  • How community is integrated in all the different departments of a business – specifically how the Champions are helping different areas of the Capado business internally
  • Ways that the Champions program can be of value to all members of the Capado community   
  • Katie’s advice for people who are considering starting a similar program within their community

Philippa Gillstrom
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