Episode #1

Episode #1 – How to succeed with non-punitive community moderation with Lisa Barroca

Thriving Community Show Ep1

Lisa Barroca is a Community Manager at Cultivate where she is leading a growing community of corporate changemakers who seek to challenge the status quo. Previously Lisa has worked in a community-focused research team which produced the work that secured their $10M Series A round of start-up capital. She then led the total program overhaul within the community that created 300% growth in their first year. 

In her work and life, Lisa focuses on relationships and scaling with integrity and values alignment. She believes that communities are opportunities to practice the futures we want to build.

In this podcast, Lisa and I talk about:

  • Non-punitive community moderation as an empowering tool for creating an online space
  • Importance of defining your community values 
  • Obligations, limitations and capacities as an online community moderator
  • How the non-punitive moderation strategy translates into managing larger communities
  • Community agreements as a living, breathing document open to feedback and changes
  • Informing and educating community members on the agreements and what happens when a member disagrees with community values
  • The importance of communication, learning and openness within the community 
  • How both moderators and members within the community can change and evolve through non-punitive community moderation

Philippa Gillstrom
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