Set Yourself Up For Success

Reflect, Revive and Realign beside a Norwegian Fjord at the annual "Nourish and Prosper Retreat"

November 14-18 | Krøderen, Norway | Limit 10 People | All Inclusive Stay


Transition into 2025 with more 
light, love, wealth and abundance

Join us as we facilitate a journey of self-reflection and discovery through various well-being practices. Open up to experiencing the new and the familiar with all your senses. 
Reflect on the past 12 months, release what's holding you back, and use your insights and learnings to create a vision for the coming year. 
Revive your heart, mind and soul by connecting with your innate human capacities. Gain fresh perspectives on your relationship with life and the world. Call back parts of yourself that you may have lost along the journey of life.
Realign with your goals, desires and aspirations. Transform your clear vision into actionable steps, providing motivation and direction to new heights of success in 2025.
Hosted by Karolina Mazetyte & Philippa Gillström. 

We believe that in order to prosper we need to nourish ourselves

Step back from your roles and responsibilities in life and recharge in the beautiful Norwegian countryside overlooking Krøderen fjord.

"Slow down to speed up."

Use this annual retreat to slow down and intentionally design the next 12 months. Having a clear vision and action plan is like adding rocket fuel to 2025, propelling you forward to realise more of your dreams and step into life more fully and meaningfully.

You will be supported in releasing what’s holding you back and preventing you from living and creating a life of your dreams. Through gentle and yet powerful exercises you will be able to let go of:

  • thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and old stories that are holding you back
  • fears and self-doubts that are getting in your way
  • energetic and emotional blocks

This letting go makes room for new and also half-forgotten ideas, feelings, dreams and desires as you form a vision for the year ahead. 

Get to know yourself on a deeper level and set intentions to honour what is dear to your heart and what matters most to you.
Find out more and save your place:

Reflect, Revive and Realign with the help of the following practices:

Daily guided meditation & movement practice

We use the practice of guided meditation together with gentle movement to cultivate mind and body, increasing self-awareness and consciously entering the new day with focus and intention. 

Guided meditation promotes mental clarity and emotional resilience.

Moving our bodies helps us work on our flexibility, strength, and balance. It also helps to ground us.

Together these practices calm our nervous system and heighten our energy levels. We also experience improved focus and concentration.

We create mental and physical space and stillness to allow our thoughts and emotions to come to the surface. By doing this we are able to connect with our deepest desires.

Cacao ceremony

Wrap your hands around your cup of cacao, close your eyes and breathe in the warming scent of chocolate and spices as you take your first sip.

We open up to receive the multitude of health benefits cacao has to offer us:

  • Rich in antioxidants, cacao promotes heart health by improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  • It has mood-enhancing properties, triggering the release of endorphins and serotonin. This promotes feelings of happiness and relaxation.
  • It contains theobromine and thus provides a gentle energy boost without the jitters associated with caffeine.

We reconnect with our hearts and our relationship to life. By rising above the day we are open to experiencing more clarity, vision and purpose.

Just what we need in order to create a powerful vision for 2025.

Vision & Action Plan for 2025

Reflecting on the past year serves as a powerful tool for personal growth and resilience. By acknowledging successes, challenges and lessons learned we gain valuable insights.

Using this self-reflection you can craft your vision for the coming year, capturing your goals and aspirations. This vision document then acts as your guiding light and compass.

In order to turn this vision into reality, an action plan is crucial.

You will identify the high-impact tasks and next steps necessary to successfully implement your vision.

It means your vision becomes a tangible commitment, helping to motivate you as you work with purpose and resilience to achieve your goals.

Shamanic Drum Journey

Life is full of challenges and disruptions. The rhythmic sound of the shamanic drum takes us on a journey restoring and reconciling these experiences.

It helps us communicate with our inner self to address internal conflicts and heal from past challenges. Through this we can  achieve a sense of wholeness or balance.

Through spiritual growth and insight we move towards a more harmonious and integrated sense of self.

Sauna Ceremony

Enjoy the exquisite views over the fjord as you relax in the heat of the sauna, releasing toxins from your body.

While the warmth relaxes your muscles you can breathe in this calming, meditative space. The steam leaves you feeling invigorated and joyful as we again connect with our whole being.

Don’t be surprised if you sleep more soundly that night after this refreshing experience.

Five Elements Dance

The "Five Elements Dance" is another way to explore moving our bodies, so there is no previous dance expertise required.

It is inspired by the traditional Eastern philosophy of the five elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (or Spirit). Each element represents specific qualities and energies, and the dance incorporates movements, expressions, and symbolism associated with these elements.

This movement helps us foster a sense of harmony and balance within ourselves. Doing this connects us deeply with the group and the surrounding natural environment. 

Why Norway in November?

Winter has started and the days are shorter. It is the time of the year when we naturally want to slow down and nourish ourselves, as we pull on those thick, warm clothes and cosy up by the fire.

With the calming backdrop of the Norwegian fjord and the crackling of wood in the fireplace, we gather to turn inwards and reflect on the past 12 months. 

It's the perfect time and place to connect to your innate human capacities; to revive your heart, mind and soul and prepare for the winter and the coming year.

It's the best time to realign with your goals, desires and aspirations to forge next year's path of success for yourself.

This is why Karolina & Philippa invite you to Norway in November.


Get a glimpse from a previous retreat

Use the link to save your place, ask any questions or book a call to find out more.


About the hosts:

Together Karolina and Philippa bring a unique blend of experience across cultures, languages, geographies and sectors to deliver transformative and rich content that results in lasting change for our clients.

Karolina Mazetyte

A social entrepreneur, facilitator & trainer, Karolina has 12 years of experience in designing and running campaigns, projects, programs, and organizations in the fields of:

  • Social innovation
  • Startups
  • Well-being and mental health
  • Democratic participation
  • DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)
  • Youth empowerment
  • Sustainability (personal, financial, social and environmental)

Karolina has worked with people from 170 countries as well as travelling to or worked in over 40 countries. Through this she has discovered that embracing diversity and inclusion in all areas of life creates a space for innovation and human-centered connection. She uses this to help people to let go of what is holding them back from living a life of purpose and meaning.  She also focuses on the importance of caring for their own and their team’s well-being.

Karolina is Co-founder of Well-being LAB (Sweden). She is also a ChangemakerXchange global facilitator and TEDx speaker.

Find out more about Karolina on her webpage and on LinkedIn.

Philippa Gillstrom

Philippa Gillström

As a teacher, coach, thinking partner and trusted advisor Philippa has 30+ years of experience of leading people through professional and personal transitions to reach their goals.

She is constantly building on her background in education, neuroscience and psychology. This enables her to work with her clients using methods and techniques that are on the forefront of development.

From start-ups to C-suite executives, from teenagers and young adults to seasoned high-achievers, Philippa is skilled at igniting change in her clients. She draws out their strengths and personal leadership qualities so they can complete goals far beyond those they originally had set. 

She is currently writing a book on the subject of managing our most precious assets (time, energy and attention) to enable people to their lead their best lives. 

Find out more about Philippa on her webpage and on LinkedIn.

What others say about working with us:

''Karolina's sessions opened new horizons of self-knowledge for me. In one of them, I shared my emotions with others in such a powerful way that I never knew I was capable of. In another session, I reconnected with nature and found the missing peace in the forest that I didn't know I was lacking. I am extremely grateful to Karolina for creating a space for spirituality and mindfulness in all of her practices. She is an inspiring person and facilitator, with kind laughter and big smile. Her guidance enhanced the experience, making it both enjoyable and illuminating.'' 

- Nourish and Prosper Retreat participant 2023
Philippa is a powerhouse of a leader. She is an expert in her field of coaching, mentoring, teaching and strategy development and has been able to help me grow tremendously in my career and personally. She's helped me move past my own insecurities, and I am now working at a new level. I would recommend Philippa to anyone who wants to succeed in their career.

- Jason Glassner
''I attended Karolina's retreat which was focusing on releasing. The schedule was set so professionally, we did different kinds of meditations, releasing sessions, lost part constellation, and even games which improve empathy and tolerance and helped us open up. Every single practice was extremely powerful and effective. Though we did a lot of inner work it felt so easy and natural as we laughed a lot. She is such an authentic and loving person, she cared about us so much, both as individuals and also as a group, I felt super safe during our whole retreat. I am definitely going to join her other retreats in the future.''

- Gabriella Aczel
Coaching with Philippa has changed how I give myself time and space for joy in my life. She was genuinely interested in helping me reach my potential and I now breathe in compliments and believe how brilliant and strong I am. I am getting outside of my comfort zone and discovering how making business connections is fun. I would highly recommend Philippa as a very approachable and human centric coach.

- Zoi Baldry
"I was fortunate to have a healing session with Karolina. I was amazed at her clear intuitive connection and ability to pinpoint the most important life subjects for me to work on. I definitely feel a positive change in me since the session. I recommend her warmly."

- Christian Marcus
Thirty minutes with Philippa has changed my life!! I can say with confidence that our conversation is one of the most meaningful, powerful and actionable I have had. I am grateful for her willingness to coach me in such a powerful way that I have shifted from focusing on what my mind tells me I ‘need’ to what my whole-self truly wants. Now I am seeking and making active progress toward what I WANT, no matter if others approve or even understand. The changes are happening rapidly.

- Dr Cathleen Peterson-Layne
Now it's your turn to experience the change:

Meet our very own Chef

Kumba, "The Comedian Chef"

Kumba is a really bad singer and dancer. Thankfully he is very funny and what we appreciate most about him is how he expresses himself in the kitchen through his delicious recipes from all around the world.

He has travelled extensively with his comedy show and always has fabulous stories to share.

As he is always busy cooking, you won't see so much of him. However, you will get to know him through his food and perhaps with the odd joke thrown in.

The perfect addition to your wellbeing retreat.

This is where we are staying

NORD is set in the forest beside the Krøderen Fjord. The property slopes gently down to the beach with breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside.  

We will be using the main building, the sauna, the tree-top bedroom for 1-2 people (for the more adventurous) and the tipi tent.
Photos courtesy of NORD

Got a Question About The Retreat?

Q: Who is it for?

A: This is a retreat for both men and women. This could be the perfect gift for yourself, your partner or an opportunity to go away with a friend or two. 

Be open to go on a deep inner journey and experience a transformational adventure.

Q: How many people will be on the retreat?

A: Maximum 10 participants as well as Karolina and Philippa, your hosts, and Kumba, your personal chef.
Q: How do I book my place and what happens next?

A: In 3 easy steps:

1. Reserve your place on the retreat by clicking the link "Book here" and fill out the Google Form.

2. You will then be sent payment details and any questions you have will be answered.

3. Once you have completed your payment you will receive the full retreat itinerary and travel details.

Q: Is Travel Insurance Included?

A: No. It is your individual responsibility to arrange travel and or health insurance valid in Norway for your stay during the retreat.

You can get travel insurance from e.g. World Nomads.

Q: How do I get to the venue?

A: Once you book your place at the retreat, we will help you to arrange the smoothest and most comfortable travel. 

For example: The closest airport is Oslo Airport. From there you take the bus or train to Vikersund. There we will pick you up by car.

Arrival and Departure times will be sent to you with your confirmation email, once you have paid the retreat fee.

Private transfer can be arranged for an extra charge.
Q: What if I have other questions about the retreat?

A: Please click on the "Book here" button and use the booking form to ask your questions. 

You can also book a short call with one of us to find out more. Again the links to do this are in the booking form.

Use the link to save your place, ask any questions or book a call to find out more.


Spend a weekend in a natural setting focusing on You

LOCATION: NORD, Krøderen, Norway

DATES: Thursday 14th - Monday 18th November 2024

PARTICIPATION: Limited to no more than 10 people



Program costs.

Pick up and drop off from the closest train/bus station.

Special welcome and farewell ceremony.

All meals during your stay. These are healthy vegetarian/vegan meals prepared by our own chef, Kumba:

  • dinner on Thursday evening
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • breakfast on Monday morning

Pre-retreat video meeting (we use Zoom) to set you up for success.

Post-retreat video meeting early in January 2025 to help you create lasting change.

Travel to and from the venue (except for the last strecth, where we drive you by car).

If you want to book a private transfer from Oslo Airport to the venue, we can arrange it for an extra charge.

Health insurance is something you need to check you have or arrange for yourself too.

EARLY BIRD RETREAT FEE (until 15th July):

Prices are according to your choice of accommodation:

Private Single Room: €1999 (Early Bird $1498)
Shared Twin Room: €1499 (Early Bird $998)
Private Double Room (2 people) $2899 (Early Bird $2399)
Private Tree House: €999 (Early Bird $698)


  1. Reserve your place on the retreat by clicking the link "BOOK HERE" and fill out the Google Form. You can also ask any questions you have and/or opt to have a 10-15 minute call with either Karolina or Philippa to find out more.
  2. You will then be sent payment details and any questions you have will be answered. If you opted to have a call with one of us, we will arrange that as soon as possible too.
  3. Once you have completed your payment you will receive the full retreat itinerary and travel details.

Use the link to reserve your place and ask any questions or book a call to find out more.

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