Hi, you've found us! We are Rebecca Hill & Philippa Gillström. 

Together we are the founders and facilitators of:

Wiseacious - Leveraging Midlife

Becoming the woman you desire to be.

Wiseacious as in Wise plus Audacious because it is not enough to be just wise or just audacious. You want to be both to make real change happen.

The sort of change that has Impact with a capital “I” and builds legacy.
Rebecca Hill & Philippa Gillström
We are the ones on the right!

We work with women who want to:

  • break out of the complexity of midlife and fully own the next chapter of their lives.
  • be unshackled from surrounding expectations and limiting beliefs.
  • tap into their inner wisdom and build their audacity muscle as they transition to this next stage.
  • create an impact in the world and build a legacy on their terms
  • have enormous fun doing it.

People Love Our Work

'“Rebecca and Philippa are a complementary, inspiring and luminous duo. Their interactive workshop on the issues faced by midlife women in the workplace today has provided many powerful insights to our participants by combining a well documented analysis of both organizational and personal dynamics. They propose innovative and concrete courses of action to allow each woman to reconnect with her ambition and thrive. They are particularly good at creating a space for discussion and sharing. We were really proud to have had them part of the HEC Life Project Festival 2023.”
Mathilde Courtois-Bastie
Responsable Employabilité HEC Life Project
HEC Alumni
"Rebecca is a really inspirational coach. She helped me to see the various dynamics on my board and within the company through a different lens. She enabled me to approach my CEO leadership in an authentic way and to communicate, ask the right questions and make the right moves at the right times. She also has a great grasp of female leadership and the gender differences. I would heartily recommend her as a superb CEO coach"
Jane Theaker
Chief Executive Officer
PbD Biotech Ltd
"Philippa is an outstanding communicator. Her approach to Visioning is both inspirational and highly pragmatic. Based around her own experience of creating a life and business she loves, she shares a step by step practical process, full of insightful questions and coaching prompts, which stimulate both creativity and contemplation. Whether working on your personal life, your business, or both together, this Masterclass will move you forward in the most positive way. Highly recommended!"
Tim Mullet
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