Episode #3

Improve Your Relationships and Life with this Seasonal Review & Planner Tool, Ep 3

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Use this tool I teach you today to help you create closer and stronger relationships with the people you love in your life. It is also a power tool to help you get a lot more things done, a lot faster.

Just having a tool or template does not mean we know how to use it. Sometimes we know how to use it and still it lies there gathering physical or virtual dust! 

I tell you how to go from having a 90-day reflect, review & plan template to actually using it to improve your life.

Highlights & Take-Home-Points:

  • How to do a 90-day review and use it to improve your life
  • Quarterly versus seasonal reviews, which one to choose
  • Which areas of your life you can use it for
  • What this tool can do for your relationships
  • The 5 steps to take to make sure your own reviews are a success
  • Reveal another dream I am realising with this episode
Philippa Gillstrom
About the Wiseacious Women Show
Life is supposed to get easier as we get older, right? And yet clusters of intense, complex and challenging changes are coming at us from all directions in the now extended phase of midlife. Having many arms like the Hindu goddess Durga seems rather attractive as the concept of multitasking is stretched to its limits.

As I journey through midlife, I share my experiences and talk to other Wiseacious Women and Queens of Change. We discuss how we break through the fears, pressures and barriers we face to take action and successfully navigate the midlife muddle. We are Wiseacious Women determined to live our dream life now!

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