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Philippa Gillstrom

Hi, I'm Philippa Gillström. I'm so glad you are here.

"Life is a marvellous adventure to relish and live with full-bodied passion"

- Philippa Gillström (Queen of Change)

These words guide how I lead my life and work with my clients. I believe we all are capable of achieving way more than we think possible. With mindset shifts and practical approaches, I help my clients understand themselves more deeply and turn dreams into reality. 

Life & Business Coaching

What could coaching make possible for you to create in your life? Book a discovery call and start unlocking your potential. 

Private Teacher & Mentor

Extensive, expert help for students in and around Stockholm, Sweden, wanting to study smarter so they can relish life while achieving their goals.

Workshops & Courses

Create an actionable and detailed vision to focus you on building the business & life you desire.
Personal Branding
Get the competitive edge: build your Personal Brand to showcase your uniqueness and shine more brightly.

Blog, Pod & Newsletter

Full of inspiration, wisdom and audacity, I write about how to live vibrantly, shine brightly and turn dreams into reality
As a Queen of Change I share what is possible when we dare to take bold and brilliant action.
Grab a cuppa and round off the week with Friday's T.E.A. email. Discover how to manage your T.E.A. - your Time, Energy and Attention and live with full-bodied passion.


Productivity & Lifestyle Products in my Etsy shop called LifeByPhilippa
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