Wiseacious Women


Life is supposed to get easier as we get older, right? And yet clusters of intense, complex and challenging changes are coming at us from all directions in the now extended phase of midlife. Having many arms like the Hindu goddess Durga seems rather attractive as the concept of multitasking is stretched to its limits.

As I journey through midlife, I share my experiences and talk to other Wiseacious* Women and Queens of Change. We discuss how we break through the fears, pressures and barriers we face to take action and successfully navigate the midlife muddle. We are Wiseacious Women determined to live our dream lives now!

*Wiseacious is a word I made up from wise and audacious.
Wiseacious Women tap into their wisdom and dare to take bold and brilliant action.

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Make This “The Year When Everything Changed” & Live Your Dream Life Now! Ep-1

Make the next 12 months YOUR "The Year When Everything Changed". It's time to do those things you've been dreaming of doing for years. It's time to live your dream life right NOW!

Make Change Happen in 3 Steps (and Start Wild Swimming!), Ep 2

Today you are going wild swimming with me and I share with you the steps to take to actually DO the things you've been wanting to do for ages and for some unknown reason you are still not doing.

Improve Your Relationships and Life with this Seasonal Review & Planner Tool, Ep 3

Use this tool I teach you today to help you create closer and stronger relationships with the people you love in your life. It is also a power tool to help you get a lot more things done, a lot faster.

How to create a vision that drives success and significant change, Ep 4

Learn how to create a vision for your life three years from now in your personal, professional and private life.
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